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  Terms And Conditions Of Sale
  1. Standard Terms of payment
  2. Pricing
  3. Order Acceptance
  4. Delivery
  5. Notification
  6. Fines and Penalties
  7. Pick-ups
  8. Returned Merchandise
  9. Lamp Warranty
  10. Limitations

Standard Terms of payment
Unless otherwise expressly provides by YFS in writing to customer the credit terms will be net 30 days from the invoice date. Past due amounts will be charged interest of 2% per month (24% per annum), calculated and applied monthly.

Prices of products will be those prices applicable to such distributor or retailer then prevailing at time of order placement.
All taxes are extra. The price in this schedule do not include goods and services, sales, use, excise, value added, business transfer or similar taxes, whether federal or provincial, and all such taxes shall be paid by the buyer or the buyer shall provide the seller with evidence of exemption therefrom. Prices may be changed without notice to reflect changes in federal or provincial tax policies.

Order Acceptance
All purchase and supply of products are subject to prier approval. YFS shall not be bound beyond these sales terms and conditions. Terms of sales may not be amended unless agreed by YFS in writing. Any ordering by electronic date interchange shall have these terms and conditions apply.
An order is a customer request for one delivery at one time to one place.

YFS will pay transportation charges at the lowest rate for any order of $2,000 or more. If the order is less than $2,000, a Shipping and Handling Charge will apply.
Distributor or Retailer is responsible for any extra cost due to Distributor's or retailer's specific transportation instruction.

In case damage and shortages of products occur during transportation, the customer shall immediately forward all loss and/or damage information with copies of delivery receipt and inspection report to YFS or its representative.

Failure to comply with the above request will result in the customer bearing full responsibility for such claims.

Fines and Penalties
YFS does not accept handling charges, deductions, penalties, chargebacks or fines of any kind whatsoever against its invoices whether such charge is made by Retailer or by any third party for or on behalf of Retailer, unless specifically approved in advance in writing.

Pick-ups will be allowed providing:
-- At least 4 hours notice is given
-- Orders must be picked up within 24 hours
-- No freight allowance will be allowed
-- Order not picked up within 24 hours will be cancelled

Returned Merchandise
All merchandise returns must be authorized by YFS and reference an RMA number (Return Merchandise Authorization). All returns with the exception of YFS errors in shipment will be subject to a 25% restocking charge and distributor or retailer must pay return transportation charges.
All returns must be in standard unopened factory cases in saleable condition and be listed as a stock item in our current price list. Non-stock items are non-returnable.

Lamp Warranty
The warranty shall apply only to defects that appear within 12 months from invoice date, or 8000 hours, whichever occurs first. The deemed defective product will be replaced no labor.
Labor will be only considered and reviewed under special circumstance.

Under no circumstances shall YFS be liable for any consequential, special or indirect damages or losses.

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